6 Wedding Day Tips You Probably Haven't Thought Of

TIPS | 20.12.2021

You have picked up your dress. The guest list count is finalised, you've organised your wedding suppliers, and your unsigned marriage licence is in your hands. Yet you can't help but wonder: "Am I forgetting something?"

Although you've triple-checked your wedding checklist, there are some things that you're not likely to anticipate unless you've gotten married before!
That's why we've put together a list of 7 wedding-day tips you probably didn't think of. From the gals who've been there, done that. You can thank us later.

1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate!

If you're anything like us, your wedding day will begin bright and early with hair, makeup— a fry up possibly and bottomless mimosas! It's important to have a bottle of water handy to sip on throughout the day. Not only will staying hydrated keep you cool and prevent dry mouth (helloooo, first kiss!), it'll also balance out all those glasses of champagne.

2. Tell your guests to hide their phones during the ceremony.

There's nothing like a big ol' phone swipe or tablet thrust into the aisle to ruin a perfectly sweet photo op. Ask your guests to keep the phones, tablets, and bulky cameras at home (or at least under their seats) so your trusty photographer can get that gorgeous, unobstructed shot of your walk down the aisle...and subsequent "I DOs".

3. Ask your officiant if they would mind stepping to the side during your first kiss.

Unless they're a seasoned pro, after the "You may now kiss the bride/groom" directive many officiants are likely to hang out in the middle of the shot—leading to some rather unfortunate photos. Let your photographer direct and capture that perfect first kiss photo.

4. Enlist a friend or family member to record any speeches.

Even if you've hired a videographer (and especially if you haven't!), it's a good idea to ask a trusted friend or relative to record the wedding speeches on their phone. This will ensure that all those those jokes, innuendos, and heartfelt moments get saved for posterity and—extra bonus—you won't have to wait for your highlight reel to hear the best man's epic send-up of the groom again!

5. Ask your Hotel or venue to set aside extra food for the bridal party.

You'll be all over the place on your wedding day. Between posing for photos and mingling with your guests, chances are you will miss out of the canapés, especially if dinner is not served for a few hours

6. Soak it all in.

Your wedding day will be a crazy-beautiful whirlwind, so here is my last tip: Be present. Take a minute every now and then to really breathe, look at your shiny new spouse, and be in the moment. If you're not intentional about this, it will be all too easy to get swept up in the cyclone and miss what the celebration is really about.